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Lefkada is one of the Ionian Islands. With an area of 302.5 square meters and 23,000 inhabitants, it is the 4th largest island in the Ionian Sea and is located between Corfu and Kefallonia. Lefkada benefits from easy access as it is connected with the mainland by a floating bridge. 

The island's climate is mild, with long spells of sunshine throughout the year, mild winters and warm but pleasant summers due to the cooling breeze. 

Lefkada's coastline is comprised of impressive beaches, peninsulas, capes, coves that make magnificent natural ports towards the east as well as the south side of the island. The west part of the island has steep cliffs that extend down to unique long and sandy beaches. It is said that the island owes its name to its white cliffs in the south part of the island and especially the cape of Lefkatas where, according to the legend, the poet Sapfo jumped off its steep cliffs in despair for her love. 

Lefkada is by 70% covered by mountains with the tallest top of all being Stavrota (1.182m) at the centre of the island. As a result of this, Lefkada possesses narrow plateaus, fertile valleys and canyons with rich plantation, while it also has notable flora. It also has many springs, like the known Kerasia springs in Sivros, torrents that form small cataracts like the the Dimosari in Nydri and impressive canyons like the ones in Mellisa of Sfakiotes. In this island one can also visit its traditional settlements up on the mountains as well as at the south-west part of it which stand out for the nature surrounding them, the activities they promise and their local culture. All these make Lefkada an ideal destination for agrotourism and alternative tourist activity while there is a big selection of luxury vacation rentals to stay. 

A lovely video of Lefkada island by Lefkada's municipality

lefkada video


By car: The island is linked to the mainland by a floating bridge, hence no need to worry about ferry tickets. Athens-Lefkada about 4 hours drive / Thessaloniki-Lefkada about 4 hours drive 
By bus: From Athens, Kifisos bus station, 5-6 hours journey

By airplane: International (charter) flights and domestic flights (Athens, Crete) to Preveza/Aktion airport, then hired car, bus or taxi to Lefkada Island (18kms) 

By ferry: From Ithaca and Kefallonia 
By private boat: Services available at Vasiliki.

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